Demolition has become a big part of our busines in the past few years , whether it is something as small as a steel burnt shed or a large multi storey mine shaft , we are equipped with the equipment to get the job done.
In 2013 Gerrard Metals purchased its second long reach demolition excavator for reaching those high reach jobs that many other machines just cant do. It is equipped with a shear attachment , concrete hammer , and a pulverizer to get the job done at up to 90 ft.

As well as the long reach machines we have many concrete hammers , shears , and demolition type tools to do the job efficient and safely.


                                                                                                                                AGASSIZ FEEDS DEMOLITION

                                         Old Lake Winnipegosis Dredge Demolition and Removal


                                                          LAC DES ILLES MINESITE   

                  Ball Mill Removal                                     Old Crusher Building Demo


                              1576 INKSTER BLVD WINNIPEG BUILDING DEMO