Scrap Metal Buying & Processing for Manitoba,  Saskatchewan & Northwestern Ontario

Gerrard Metals is a scrapyard located in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. We are a family owned company that has been in business since 1985.

We have a fleet of 14  trucks to move all types of materials, and have approximately 15 excavators with shears and magnets to pickup, process, and load scrap metal.

Gerrard Metals buys ferrous and nonferrous materials.We process materials on and off site depending on the application and can accommodate all jobs whether they are big or small.

We also demolish all types of buildings, large equipment, high structures, etc. metal or concrete, including concrete foundations.

Gerrard Metals has a pickup service for scrap metals for all types of clients, ranging from farm scrap from farmers, municiple scrap from landfills, old cars from auto wreckers, industrial scrap from mines, oil field companies, and anyone who has metal to sell. We have a container service available to anyone who needs there materials picked up.

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         Open July 1/20, Closed July 2 & 3rd
Reopening Monday July 6 th